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Who we are

Atlantic Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd is a car rental and corporate leasing company aiming to provide the best quality service with low rental rates.

We have a fleet of vehicles which you can choose from according to your budget and liking. We hope to satisfy our customer requirements.

We provide corporate car rental and leasing to companies in Singapore looking for long-term rental of cars to expatriates or even locals who want to have hassle-free driving and regular maintenance.

Mercedes Benz C Class For Rental

Providing Vehicles for Over 13 years

Atlantic Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd has been in the car rental and corporate leasing industry since 2007.

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from and if you specifically need a car that you like, we will be happy to provide with that service within our company’s means.

You can reserve the car you want at a great low long term car rental rate.

At Atlantic-Rent-a-Car, we believe in more than providing a car that suits your budget and style.  We believe in providing holistic services that cater to your every need.

With more than 15 years of experience in the car rental industry, we know your needs!

We would like to thank Atlantic Rent-A-Car for the great service and assistance to our commercial vehicle rental.

They provide us with flexible rental plans that are customised for our company needs and allow us to grow our business without owning our own fleets.

Jordan, JT Home Solutions

I am an expatriate working in Singapore and happen to find Atlantic car rental service.

I must say their service is great with lots of advice and support given by their staffs when I have a question.

They also offer flexibility in their car leasing term and making it affordable for me to have a car for my family to use during my time in Singapore.


Our company had been using Atlantic Rent-A-Car for a few years in providing us various fleets for our senior management and also commercial vehicles.

Their service had always been top-notch and flexibility is the key factor that allows us to grow or reduce our fleet easily.

It also helps our company in saving costs of owning and maintaining our own fleets.


Janet, HR Executive

Why Rent From Us?

So, why choose our short term car rental service for your personal use or business?


Here are our top reasons you need to abandon your thoughts of buying a car and go with short term car rental company.

Reduce Cost

Why add the overheads of leases, insurance and maintenance cost to your business?

With our corporate car rental, you get a maintained fleet at your disposal.

Best of all, you are not responsible for any maintenance on the car and other miscellaneous costs.

Roadside Assistance

Worry that you will encounter vehicle breakdown while on the road?

Fret not, we provide our customers well-maintained vehicles and 24-hour roadside assistance to give you peace of mind when you engage our corporate car rental service.


Buying your own corporate vehicles can be unfavourable for your business and does not give you the flexibility to expand or downsize base on your business need.

Our corporate car rental provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease your fleet size depending on your business need.

24/7 Pickup & Return Access

Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to give you a hassle-free car rental experience.

We also provide pick up and return to and from the airport when you need to travel overseas.

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Whether your hiring cars for executives, employees, or clients – renting makes sense.

Why go to the cost of managing a fleet when you can remove that burden from your business?

Book your corporate car rental today, and benefit from a managed, serviced, and maintained fleet of the latest corporate cars.

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